I think it all starts with one… a dream.

As I was lying on the green grass at Botanics one Wednesday afternoon, I started dreamingggg…Yes I know, it might have looked like a scene out of a movie: girl lying on grass, girl looking up at the nice blue sky dotted with clouds, girl plugged into IPOD, girl dreaming…

And I thought about ALL the dreams I ever had, since young, even till now. Some never fulfilled, some might be at a point of breakthrough –  just needing a kind of kick and push; some just “baking and cooking” till the time is right; some never did happen. But what makes some dream  different and special are the dreams that are also the dreams of others. These dreams involve not just me, but also lives and people. Our dream, her dream, his dream, their dream.

lavendernotes, where lives meet.

It is the advent of an amazing season. For us, we have somewhat embarked on it: our heads are exploding with ideas; we get our hands moving in the kitchen; getting supplies etc. However, this dream needs YOU. Your support. =)

SO WHAT IS THE DREAM? (you may ask after all the talking)

Overused it might be, but truly…. it is to MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

You can find out more from the “About” section. For us, it is for the CHILDREN at Bethlehem House; those already there and those who might be there someday. Every child and every life matters and we just simply WANT TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

At the end of the day, we do not want to just dream that we made a difference, but that we actually did make a difference.

Have a blessed day!