We came, we baked, we conquered

Have a cuppa with a cookie

Even Santa's loving the potion

Crispy, sweet and buttery - what's not to like?

Yummilicious Brown Cow on the Rocky-Road

Two days of baking and sleepless nights of decorating the bottles and the goodies are ready for delivery to their rightful owners! Each cookie, honey joy and brownie is as unique as the person who made it – you might notice that not two cookie or honey joy look alike. For that matter, no brownie loaf looks completely identical either! May this be a deep reminder to us this Christmas to be embracing and loving to those who might be different from us and learn to regard them from Christ’s perspective.

As you savour the goodies, or give them as a gift to someone special, do remember to keep in prayer the children of Bethlehem House as they celebrate christmas and the coming new year with loved ones.

Once again, thank you for partnering us on this wonderful journey. And remember…

…every bit counts. Be blessed this Christmas season.