How was Sunday for you?

Busy, lazy, quiet, rowdy…or perhaps just “like that lor”?

We were in Church today, and was reminded by a dear friend that Good Friday is but 12 days away. Wow. BTW, in case you’re curious, Good Friday is the day Jesus Christ died on the cross as an atonement for our sins adn was buried behind a stone wall. And it’s good because He did not stay dead, but resurrected 3 days after He was buried; the stone was rolled away and the tomb was empty! – and that’s why we celebrate Easter Sunday, in thanksgiving and praise to the God who save us from ourselves and give us eternal life.

Pardon our excitement, but see – we’re excited because it’s such wonderful news!  🙂

Anyway, remember us telling you some time last month about a lovely tea-talk that we’ll be helping out with? Well, time flies, doesn’t it? Because, in 7 days’ time, we’ll be setting up a table of lovely tea goodies for the SPK Tea Talk.If you’re keen to join in the tea-talk, do register by this coming week.

Tomorrow begins the first day of a whole work week filled with the promises  of making and baking goodies, shopping for lovely containers and table decorations and planning our table layout. Phew!

It sounds deliciously fulfilling already.

Have a lovely week ahead and we’ll catch up soon.