We did our first delivery last night and the 2nd this morning to two lovely ladies who ordered The Almost Famous Cookies and Brown Cow on the Rocky Road Brownie from us.

There is a certain sense of absolute satisfaction to know that the munchies are going out to people who really love sweets and to know that the children of Bethlehem House are being blessed by the purchases of these two ladies.

Here’s a very sweet feedback message from a lady, Angelina who tried the brownie and cookies, courtesy of Jenny Lim:

Tks a lot Jenny for letting me try the cake and cookies. Even my hubby who never eats cakes said the brownie was fantastic. Will definitely recommend to my frens. Tks again.

We’ll looking into the possibility of test batches for future items, and if you’ll like to be one of our “testers”, do keep a look-out for more information on this in time to come!