We’re already in the midst of planning for SPK Tea Talk #2 “Primary Success in Life Examination” on 22nd May. Amongst the many ideas that we have, one definite item that we’re definitely putting forth on the tea table is this…

We’re also thinking of bringing back an old-school delight, Honey Joys, and maybe The Almost Famous Cookies again…but we shall see.

BTW, if you’re wondering that the SPK Tea Talk #2 is all about, this talk is specially catered for parents with kids in upper primary. Here’s a small write-up on it.

The primary 6 PSLE is deemed by parents as one of, if not the most, important examinations in Singapore. Anything that can help the child score higher in PSLE is of huge economic value.

Parents with children in primary school are invited to explire something candid and honest with Lan Chin on 22nd May, and to help their children towards a more rewarding PSLE.

You will bring home more than what you asked for!

This talk can take only 30 people max, so if you’re keen, do contact SHEENA GOH at +65 6469 0715 or email sheena@sjc.org.sg 

Meanwhile, enjoy your weekend, and will you please excuse us as we take a bite out of a delish Red Velvet cupcake…