I woke up this morning with the absolute resolution to start on preparation for SPK Tea Talk #2. I packed and re-packed most of the necessary stuff and lugged it from my home to work.

From the moment I plugged in my laptop, and started work on the tea talk, I nary stopped for a break, except for lunch with two lovely ladies at Great World City (plus a gorgeously delicious bag of Garrett’s Chicago Mix..woot!). By the way, if you’ve never ever eaten Garrett’s popcorn before – you have to try it! Especially the Chicago Mix. It’s the best popcorn ever – caramel and cheese popcorn together in the same bag. Heavens. Anyway, I digress. So, here’s what I have to show for the day:

In-line with the tea talk’s focus on “PSLE”, we decided to go old school with this Sunday’s tea. See those cones in the backdrop? It’s for kacang puteh, an old movie favourite. Honey joys will be another old school simple delight on the table this Sunday, together with a few other noshes to tickle the taste buds.

Speaking of tickling, have you ever been tickled by either your own hair or someone else’s? It’s super irritating isn’t it? But anyhow, that’s not the point. The thing is…in my enthusiasm to cut into circles all my cupcake tags, I cut off a chunk of my own hair. Yep…you read it right – I cut off a chunk of my own hair. I was happily snipping away when I saw a few strands of hair on my table. I picked it up, feeling perplexed and saw to my horror that it was not a few strands, but a chunk! Thank God the damage was not great – I guess that’s the perk of having curly hair – you can’t really tell whether it’s supposed to be long or short. So, I survived, and here are the cupcake tags, a testimony of my hair-raising (or losing) experience.

Am really excited about this Sunday’s tea talk. Meanwhile, it’s preparation and more preparation work. Have a great week wherever you are, whatever you’re doing and may you find true joy and satisfaction always.