I opened the letterbox tonight…and found, amidst the stack of the usual bills and stuff, a nondescript looking envelope.

Curious, I opened it and saw this.

It brought an immediate smile to my face as I looked at the hand-drawn and coloured picture of Doraemon and Da-Xiong. But I had no idea still who it was from.

When I turned the card over and saw what was written inside, I realized that the card was created for lavendernotes by the kids from Term Fun Home. It was their way of saying “thank-you” to lavendernotes for the love they received through a very generous donor who heard about this newly set up Children Home in Chiangmai.

Such a sweet and heart warming gesture from these kids – and we’ve not even met them before.Thank You, God, for a lovely surprise to lift the spirits and encouragement to continue in the cause of lavendernotes.