Bethlehem House was started in 2010 with a desire to provide a safe home for orphans and children-at-risk in the community. In Thai society, many children face neglect and abandonment. They end up being entrusted to guardians and would lack opportunities for healthy development.

The pastor and the church have seen many cases of children or youth who have either ran away from home, or are neglected or estranged from their parents and have turned to drugs and gangs.

“The kids who I teach in the local schools rarely have both parents around in their families. There is so much brokenness in society here.” The pastor felt convinced that the church must do something to care for these children.

The vision of Bethlehem House is to develop disadvantaged children into godly Christians for the church and society. This ministry aims to see the children through to university education where possible.

Bethlehem House currently has eight children in residence with ages ranging from 7 to 12, with one full-time staff – a Christian lady. The orphanage works with government schools that would refer needy children to them.

Besides the initial start-up fund from a church in Singapore, Bethlehem House has been relying on whatever God provides through local church members for their daily needs.

Join us in making a difference in the lives of these children.

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