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“The weather very fine today”

It was to these very words of our Tiger airways friendly pilot that we started off on our little trip to Thailand, commonly known as the “Land of Smiles”, preparing ourselves to spend some time in Bethlehem House, located in Banchang.  And indeed, the weather was very fine over the next few days as we made Thailand our temporary home.

Our inital plan was to decorate the dormitories as well as the common area, but after surveying of the space and speaking to the pastor in charge, we decided to work on providing the children with immediate basic needs (e.g. bedsheets, stationery, some chairs,  a new TV console – the one they had was totally worn out). We also drew and painted the wall of Bethlehem House as requested by the pastor. It was a joyous and fulfilling time as we worked in partnership with the local Thais and the children of Bethlehem House to paint the wall.

 Thinking that it would be a waste to discard the old TV console, we decided to give it a new lease of life so that the children could use it for storage purposes.

Even though it was a very short trip, it felt good to know that we’ve begun part of the work in making Bethlehem House into a home for the kids. The things that we bought for them, and the painting are but a small part of the bigger picture as there is still so much more to be done. Already, we are looking forward to the next trip where more painting is involved and begin work on the interior.

For those of you who have contributed one way or another to lavendernotes “Bethlehem House project – creating a sense of HOME”, do keep a look-out for a detailed update from us via email soon.

Us to kid @ Bethlehem House (pointing to bird): What is this?
Kid (staring intently): Ma muang (mango)
Us: Er…ok….

Any grandiose illusions we might have of being famous wall mural artists had its bubble burst as we smashed right back to earth following the kid’s comment.

Children. We love their honesty.

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