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It was a busy week leading up to SuperPowerKids tea talk #2 on Primary Success in Life Examination. Organized by the Family Life Ministry of St. James’ Church, the talk was catered for parents whose children are in Primary 6 and preparing for their year-end PSLE examination.

We had an amazing time with the old school theme that we came up with. And an even more amazing time watching the participants being delighted with the table layout, and especially the kachang puteh. Looks like many out there appreciate the return of old, familiar favourites which bring back lots of heart-warming thoughts with regards to our childhood lives.

Here are some photos of the tea talk. Enjoy. 🙂

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Saw these on My Owl Barn and could not stop thinking about how cute they look.  These shortbread cuties are baked for sale by The Cinnamon Tree Bakery.

Looks like it’s time to get our fingers all creamy and buttery again.

An assortment of delights

 Thanks so much to Fai, Ruung and Applehead for their absolutely lovely sweets: choc, nut and all things corny, holy moley, honey joys and much more. You girls have been amazing! And God has been amazing – we raised a total of over $3,000 for Bethlehem House over the two weekends. 🙂

Today marked the Pilot run of our lavendernotes project. Even though our name was not found on any of the items we baked, packed and decorated, it was still a truly satisfying mini adventure at attempting to run a “non-profit” business. What was overwhelming was the response from the people who were more than willing to invest in a worthy cause.

Babycino...Just Add Milk

How Now Brown Cow?

Babycino & Honey Joys

Goodies everywhere!

Before E1 Service

Right Before E3 Started...

 By the time E3 service started, all goodies were sold. We raised a total of $2080.00 for the education of the children in Bethlehem House in one morning. Thank you all for playing a part in making a difference in the life of one child at a time. 🙂

It’s been a contemplative past week. And this trend seems to have spilled into this new week as well. We spent Monday morning baking these honey joys. Why? Just because we felt like it.

And life should be like this, shouldn’t it? That glimmer of spontaniety so that it lends some color and vibrancy to an otherwise grey, and monotonous life – rather like the weather in Singapore nowadays – always full of overcast skies and heavy downpours.

Is there someone dear to you in need of some cheering up? What about this little jar of Honey joys to brighten up that special someone’s day?

Or is there someone you’ve been meaning to say thank you to for being such a sweetie to you?

Or perhaps….just to give yourself a little perk-me-up?

Honey joys @$10.00 (incl. of delivery charges within Singapore)


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