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St. James’ Church Family Life Ministry, working in tandem with the SuperPowerKids (SPK), held a tea talk for parents on The VIRTUES Project with Ms. Jenny Ong, a trained facillitator of The VIRTUES Project,  as the speaker.

lavendernotes was given the wonderful opportunity of catering a tea for the talk and this afternoon was THE DAY!!!Over 40 people turned up and there was a buzz of energy and excitement around the tea table as people gathered around for some food and chit chat after the talk.

We were very encouraged by what we saw and heard at the tea table as people mingled, ooh and ahh over the decorations, ate cookies and sandwiches, picked up a little pressie of the nicely wrapped brownies, made their own coffees and teas…and best of all, asked about lavendernotes and took the brochures that we laid out!

Everything we’ve done so far since God laid the vision upon our hearts last year has been on a small scale – small, but comfortable…and with each tiny step that we have taken, God has at each point, been faithful, encouraging and affirmative. This tea party is by far, the biggest project we’ve ever taken on…and also the first ever catering event that lavendernotes has ever hosted.

We are truly thankful to the Family Life Ministry for giving us this opportunity to explore our creativity (not to mention baking skills!), expand our horizons and expose more people to our cause.

Above all, we give all glory and honour to the God who knows us, calls us by name…and to whom lavendernotes belongs to. It is His cause, His project, His work.

We look forward to greater things in time to come.

Meanwhile, here are some photos that we took of the table spread for your viewing pleasure.

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How was Sunday for you?

Busy, lazy, quiet, rowdy…or perhaps just “like that lor”?

We were in Church today, and was reminded by a dear friend that Good Friday is but 12 days away. Wow. BTW, in case you’re curious, Good Friday is the day Jesus Christ died on the cross as an atonement for our sins adn was buried behind a stone wall. And it’s good because He did not stay dead, but resurrected 3 days after He was buried; the stone was rolled away and the tomb was empty! – and that’s why we celebrate Easter Sunday, in thanksgiving and praise to the God who save us from ourselves and give us eternal life.

Pardon our excitement, but see – we’re excited because it’s such wonderful news!  🙂

Anyway, remember us telling you some time last month about a lovely tea-talk that we’ll be helping out with? Well, time flies, doesn’t it? Because, in 7 days’ time, we’ll be setting up a table of lovely tea goodies for the SPK Tea Talk.If you’re keen to join in the tea-talk, do register by this coming week.

Tomorrow begins the first day of a whole work week filled with the promises  of making and baking goodies, shopping for lovely containers and table decorations and planning our table layout. Phew!

It sounds deliciously fulfilling already.

Have a lovely week ahead and we’ll catch up soon.  

After the whole busyness of the Christmas season last year, we’ve been kinda quiet (but definitely no less busy!) as we went back full steam into our work and studies.

Anyhows, we’ve just been given a wonderful assignment by the lovely Family Life Ministry of St. James’ Church. They will be hosting a SuperPowerKids (SPK for short) Tea-Talk in April and May and have requested for us to do their tea party! Woot!!

So, we’ve been sourcing around and here’s a lovely idea from one of our favourite blogs who took it from here through here.

Whaddya think?

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Pictures courtesy of See Me Everywhere

We came, we baked, we conquered

Have a cuppa with a cookie

Even Santa's loving the potion

Crispy, sweet and buttery - what's not to like?

Yummilicious Brown Cow on the Rocky-Road

Two days of baking and sleepless nights of decorating the bottles and the goodies are ready for delivery to their rightful owners! Each cookie, honey joy and brownie is as unique as the person who made it – you might notice that not two cookie or honey joy look alike. For that matter, no brownie loaf looks completely identical either! May this be a deep reminder to us this Christmas to be embracing and loving to those who might be different from us and learn to regard them from Christ’s perspective.

As you savour the goodies, or give them as a gift to someone special, do remember to keep in prayer the children of Bethlehem House as they celebrate christmas and the coming new year with loved ones.

Once again, thank you for partnering us on this wonderful journey. And remember…

…every bit counts. Be blessed this Christmas season.

Christmas the season of JOY and GIVING….

It is always a joy to receive a gift or to give one during the month of Christmas. This year, make a little child in Bethlehem House (Banchang, Thailand) happy with purchase of home-made goodies that you buy from here.

Us at lavendernotes will be making a trip from 28th to 31st December to paint and decorate the dorms and common area of  Bethlehem House for the kids. All proceeds from the sale of these home-made with love goodies go towards the creating of a beautiful house to call a home for each child living there.

Every bit counts, and contributes to bringing hope, joy and peace to one child at a time.

Thank you for your support and love for these children.

Meanwhile, if you are interested to purchase any of these items as Christmas gifts, do drop us a note at

We will be taking orders till 19th December. All items will be delivered on 23rd December at NO delivery cost.


Pitter Patter Butter in a mug @$8

Pitter Patter Butter in glass jar (@$10, small / @$15, medium)

Who loves to dip their fingers into the peanut-butter pot and lick the delicious stuff off your fingers? This little cookie packs a punch of your favourite peanut butter. Enjoy it with a cuppa tea on a lazy work afternoon when you need an energy boost.

Potion 321 (@$8, small / @12, medium)

Why “Potion 321”? Well, that’s our secret to this crumbly, melt in your mouth butter cookie that you have in your hands. Eat it on its own or with a lovely cuppa Earl Grey to bring out the creamy texture of the butter. Not a fan of tea? Coffee is another delightful option. 

Honey Joys (@$8, small / @12, medium / @18, large)

 The sweetness of honey, crispness of corn flakes and warm flowing butter makes this little golden snack a hot favourite with kids and adults alike. No wonder we sold out the first time it was launched for sale! Don’t miss it this time round! 

Brown Cow on the Rocky-road (@$5 per pc)

Brown Cow on the Rocky-road (@$30 per loaf)

After a hard day’s work, unwind with a piece of this lovely home-made brownie topped with delicious rocky-road chocolate. We guarantee that it will lift your tired soul and put a sparkle back into your eyes. After all, chocolate on anything is divine! And we mean anything…

 Buy a slice for yourself @$5.00, or purchase a whole loaf as a gift for someone special @$30.00.

Please note that:

1. All photos are for presentation purposes only.
2. Actual containers and cups, wrapping and shapes of cookies may differ from pictures shown.


An assortment of delights

 Thanks so much to Fai, Ruung and Applehead for their absolutely lovely sweets: choc, nut and all things corny, holy moley, honey joys and much more. You girls have been amazing! And God has been amazing – we raised a total of over $3,000 for Bethlehem House over the two weekends. 🙂

Today marked the Pilot run of our lavendernotes project. Even though our name was not found on any of the items we baked, packed and decorated, it was still a truly satisfying mini adventure at attempting to run a “non-profit” business. What was overwhelming was the response from the people who were more than willing to invest in a worthy cause.

Babycino...Just Add Milk

How Now Brown Cow?

Babycino & Honey Joys

Goodies everywhere!

Before E1 Service

Right Before E3 Started...

 By the time E3 service started, all goodies were sold. We raised a total of $2080.00 for the education of the children in Bethlehem House in one morning. Thank you all for playing a part in making a difference in the life of one child at a time. 🙂

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